Why Legacy SIP

We are always thinking of you.

Since 1995 we have done some of the most important things for the world of VoIP and SIP communications.  Check out our Company History page.

Our infrastructure can support many thousands of concurrent calls.  We can accommodate large enterprise customers, but we prefer to work with small and medium-size businesses, up to 100 employees or so with one or more locations.

We can have a mutually rewarding impact on your bottom line and business processes related to communications.  There is a high value to us of being able to make positive changes in folk’s lives beyond saving them money.

  • If you would like to save money on your phone bill, send us an e-mail.
  • If you don’t have a high level of understanding on connecting any kind of PBX to the Internet to save money on phone bills, send us an e-mail.
  • If you’re using SIP trunking and would like to save more money on your phone bill, send us an e-mail.

Our service is reliable, redundant – Our entire back-end is automated

Our vendors pass billions of minutes of traffic each month and have multiple 24/7 support teams worldwide

Our focus is on helping our reseller/customers have a trouble-free voice service using VoIP/SIP.

Our sweet spot is small to medium-size customers with up to 100 employees that want to save money on their phone bill.  We will work with any reseller to accomplish this.

If a prospect needs help getting connected we will manage this for them.

If a reseller has prospect customers with analog or PRI connections and needs help to connect them to our service we will work with them to make this happen.  No set experience is required!

If you know all about sip and how to connect it to PBXs great!  Look at our pricing.  You probably will not find a better deal anywhere else.