The WebRTCbook, Book Review.

We have to give Dan Burnett and Alan Johnston alot of credit for getting a book out so quickly on such dynamic content.  For years the elite of SIP have known that the SIP protocol was mired in the telecom strategies that represent so many additional complexities to the protocol that a “SIP Lite” vision was always in play.

WebRTC in a lot of ways goes beyond the SIP Lite dream and into the web itself, however there are some rough patches in the road still to be worked out.

So the the WebRTC book has not only been a great addition to the understanding of what WebRTC can represent but also a commitment on the author’s parts (they envision frequent revisions) that may turn this from a book ebook to a living document and who knows even a model for us to follow on how to implement WebRTC.

The book does its best to give us a plan for implementation by way of psuedo code.  While this looks like a weakness in the book it is actually a fair statement of where we stand in the implementations.

In future generations of the book I expect to see real examples of code, but the psuedo code is adequate for most developers to get a sense how to implement WebRTC in whatever platform they choose in future.

And keeping track of the platforms has to be a key ingredient.  With Alan’s history in the IETF and Dan’s history in the W3C; I would expect to see them acting as a key focal point for them to manage the updates on where the blending of WebRTC and HTML5 will take us

I recommend the book as a guide to where we are and where we are headed.

Stay connect and get up to speed by reading the book.WebRTC

Before You Buy the iPhone 5 Ask Yourself where is the iPad4

Were you excited about September 12th.  Was it nice of Apple to give us a day after 9/11 to look forward to and not feel so of the past.

Then it was disappointing to find it was light faster cheaper but not….

Revolutionary, Remarkable, Redefining, Rejuvenating, etc.

The 5 is an improvement on the 4.

So many people were gung ho for the iPhone5 I can’t imagine that it will  not sell 20M by end of year.

But wait.  What about the rumors?

Where is the 7 inch iPad?

If the most compelling aspect of the iPhone5 is that it hits the web faster with LTE shouldn’t we see a real web device as well?

It seems to me that the iPhone5 was a stepping stone for the next iPad, and I say that because much of the guts inside can be applied to the next device.  Voice is becoming less dominant as a component of the service plans and the slightly taller iPhone is also only marginally different.

If you wanted revolution from Apple I would caution you to consider that an iPad 4 may very well be the device you dreamed the iPhone5 would be.


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Broadvox announces the appointment of new President and CEO

Broadvox announces the appointment of new President and CEO, Bruce Chatterley, formerly of Speakeasy and Megapath.

“I am very excited to join Broadvox and look forward to working with the team to drive future growth. The company platform, both financially and technology-wise, is extremely strong and will serve as a powerful launching point for our new initiatives in the marketplace,” said Bruce Chatterley, president and CEO of Broadvox.

New additions to the Broadvox team also include Craig Eidem as the new Chief Technology Officer

Arnaud Gautier as Executive Vice President of Product and Customer Experience

Chris Gellos as Executive Vice President of Sales

Karen Herrmann as the Vice President of Human Resources.


What’s to “Like” about the Facebook IPO

I have to tell you I feel for a lot of people on the Facebook IPO. Let me walk through my thoughts in as organized a manner as a maniac can get.

First of all I am proud of the general consumer of stock. A lot of Wall Street was expecting Facebook Frenzy and thought that the demand was going to give them a lot of people wanting Facebook at any price so the traders are the ones that have been hurt the most by the IPO. Given the fact that Wall Street continues to not recognize the pain on main street, maybe this can help them get on the Cluetrain.

Secondly, I feel for the employees of Facebook. In the past on another stock, I made the mistake of not declaring the value of my stock until required by law. The result was that my shares were valued at the price of the opening as income. The result at the end was that I owed the government 75% of the value of the stock by the time I sold it. (And Yet I am still a Liberal). My expectation is the Facebook employees will have a lot of guys like me in their mix, so I feel for them. This includes Eduardo Saverin who is trying to solve the problem of paying to much.

Third, I feel for NASDAQ and Morgan Stanley who were suppose to have a shining moment and ended up with egg on their face. These opportunities to learn from your mistake often come at the price of executives being removed, or worse the blame being misplaced. Either way, I feel for those involved.

Now for those of us still interested in investing in Facebook the stock restrictions end in about 85 days. I would say wait until those who were as ignorant as I and not as smart as Eduardo, sell to pay their taxes.
Then you can buy the stock. Don’t be surprised if that dip brings it down into the teens. Their a lot of people with stock and taxes to cope with.

And I feel for those people who are paying those taxes the most, since I am sure they will not see the benefits of being good citizens, just the cost.

And for those in that pain, I want you to know that I am “like” you.

Does anyone have enough time anymore to enjoy their Memories

– Does anyone have enough time anymore to enjoy their Memories.
For those of us in the US, I wish you an observant Memorial Day. Next Week I will be in the district and visit my aunt. Her father, my grandfather was a gun designer for the Navy. He was also a Sergeant during WWI, which he was promoted to since he was the only one of the farm boys that could read. Clearly our society has changed a lot particularly when you consider that our military is stationed in over 75% of the countries in the world. The reason we are in 75% of the world’s countries has more to do with commerce and commodities than with military aspirations. Perhaps we should make it an International Holiday. Or perhaps we should consider what an amazing transition from an agricultural isolationist pre 1917; to a literate International power in less than 100 years.

One thing that’s truly amazing to see is how the military solution that started the Internet has changed the world. If information is power, the Internet has shifted power more than any other military effort. Jonathan Stewart joked about the Afghanistan & Iraq wars after the Arab Spring started “couldn’t we have just tweeted”. The transitions in culture the Internet has caused are bound to continue. At Devcon5 I often ask Jason Hoffman to speak He is the CEO of Joyent which competes with the likes of Amazon with their virtualized cloud offerings. He points out that data is a commodity business. From Wall Street we know that information has shelf life. I unfortunately am more of a historian, so often I stay focused on a piece of information that has grown stale for most money makers, but I believe you watch for the trends in the news.

The world assembles in China, but the components are coming from everywhere. It will be interesting to see as China’s role continues to grow what changes in the next 100 years. In replacing my phone’s hot spot capability, I went to a carrier that gave me two choices, Huawei or ZTE. While Sir Terry Matthews sold boards to the CEO of Huawei back in the 80’s now we see the rise of Chinese brands and by the way, I still believe we are going to see the rise of Chinese standards. While the world is focused on Frequency based LTE, I think the TDD standards, championed by China, are going to win out in the end. That’s one of the reasons our Crossfire Mobility Tech/ M2M keynotes include Hamid Ahmadi of Huawei with our friend Hossein Eslambolchi of 2020 Venture Partners The Internet commodity is transforming into more than transport and into services hence the further marketing term “Cloud”.

As a historian new marketing terms are often frustrating, (for example I should call myself a “curator”), the M2M cloud discussion has made the term Platform universal hence this week’s M2M article

Speaking of being leery of marketing, I would like to know if Whitey Bluestein has some inside information when he suggests Apple should become an MVNO? Apple has a great relationship with Capital Cities who learned some hard lessons when they made the Disney and ESPN MVNOs. I hope Apple’s Tim Cook will take the time with Disney and not arrogantly think the Apple brand solves the problem of managing wireless networks.

Speaking of arrogance, I was asked to elaborate on my analysis of Facebook, so I am going to end with this link As we celebrate memorial day, let’s not let arrogance get in the way of our future together. Take the time to enjoy the memories, regardless of where you are.

Would you “like” it if I bothered Tweeting 2B or Not2B

If someone is clever enough to make an application of following the Wall Street Journal 2B index of companies, I will work with them to promote it, but it will also add to the paradox.

The paradox is that about 2/3rds of the postings to Twitter are through the APIs. So in effect you have to ask the question is anyone really listening or is everyone just manipulatively “sharing and retweeting”.

Likewise, I have gotten to the point that most of my Facebook posts are done remotely.

After “liking” Google+ for a while I made the mistake of friending both a Gay Advocate who posts every opportunity I have to join a community I have little interest in seeing and an Evangelist who counter posts and wants me to understand the implications of straying from the true path. In other words I have been driven off my own page.

So where is community in all this? Is a community represented by the number of distractions they send? The whole world seems to have gone mad with distractions? No offense to the Queen’s Jubilee, but nothing corporate seems to have any traction in this world. On my radio, if I give them 22 minutes they give me the world, if I give them 44 minutes I wasted 22 waiting for something new, and that repetition is rampant on CNN, FOX, CNBC, etc.

Even the Wall Street Journal can’t seem to keep focused. No offense to Walt Mossberg , but when I get the WSJ I immediately go to Page 2 in the Marketplace section (hence the 2B reference) and look for the major players in our space. Instead, I get to read about a 6 person app company that wants to be viral. Bless them all, but I think this belongs somewhere else. This week’s WSJs had drivel in the way of carrier coverage. Even the Wednesday story about the carriers changing their billing models was more focused on the Apple, and gave Apple more credit than Skype for stealing away voice minutes. They also barely touched the news that Verizon had acquired Hughes Telematics .

Forgive me for saying this but where is the corporate news today? If the big boys are Apple vs. Google have the carriers past in to Western Union or Rail Road oblivion ?

I chided a friend who was complaining at TIA’s event. CTIA’s shows are today’s Supercomm filled with a plethora of peripherals while trying to retain the core. Talking to a friend who recently left a small carrier we talked about the consolidation of the industry and how that makes it hard for the trade shows to show opportunity. Big Carriers need big deals and big partners. Keeping the trade show moving requires focus on the future. The Internet should represent unlimited opportunity not consolidation and that should be more so for the Mobile Internet?

We partner with TMC because we are more than a trade show. We are a lead generation and an SEO brand service that looks to gather everyone that progresses the Mobile Internet. We highlight the mobile Internet, not just apps du jour, but the drivers for that it HTML5, the enchantment of things in M2M, the impact of what can impact you locally with Super Wi-Fi, and a bunch of other aspect of connectivity in Mobility Tech. While everyone else thinks I run several shows, I am really focused on one thing the next phase of the Internet.
Including the visualization of the Internet .

At Axeda’s 2012, Thanks to TMC I got to do my favorite part of the job, interview people for the M2M Evolution site which is seen by over 24,000 visitors monthly.

I don’t consider myself a reporter, but I am an engaging interviewer. And I am certainly focused on the Internet industries future. It’s easy to decide you want to get noticed, but in an age where everyone is making noise, perhaps a better choice is to give information that matters.

The reason that the news world has gotten strident and repetitive is because everyone is looking for something for nothing. Real costs are involved with carrying the news, and what was a license requirement, is now a teaser. We substitute People magazine for Life and Time puts on their cover something Playboy would be embarrassed to show.

I write these weekly epistles to keep the community engaged, not to stream another bright shiny object your way. Your time is valuable and we want you invest it with us.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Are We Setting Precedent or Just Looking over a Precipice

Greeks are having elections; PACs are gathering Millions and Apple had their Developer Conference. It’s easy to see why; I am not catching a lot of attention. According to the news we are on the precipice. My articles focus on the precedents.

In conversations this week, I have been told that my Regulatory 2.0 efforts at best can solve minor nits. Market trends point to consolidation and regardless of who wins the election telecom initiatives are mired in problematic policies. It does not take much analysis to see the analytics of the device and apps company are a much better picture than the Service Providers data equivalent of three tone slope.

I see the issues of Net Neutrality as being more of a last device rather than a last mile issue and I would love for you agree or disagree here

However some policy changes give me hope.

Brough Turner and Tom Evslin both recognized that in the commissions super WiFi decision we were getting a new precedent on how spectrum would be allocated. I shared that point captured in Rich Steves’ article opportunity.

Another precedent is WebRTC which is captured by our friend Alan Quayle in his article for No Jitter . I tweeted the question, “Does WebRTC force the carriers to VoLTE? “

As over the top becomes the norm, I here that it’s all because of Apple’s influence.

I am always leery of giving Apple credit for insight into telecom

My friends continue to think that Apple will be a carrier, ignoring the fact that they just added Cricket to the list with ATT, Sprint and Verizon Wireless in the US alone.

Our friend’s logic is that they have all this cash that they need to find something to do with it, and from a market cap perspective companies like Clearwire are easy acquisitions. It’s easy to imagine a Brewster’s Millions remake where Tim Cook drains the coffers to make a worldwide network. As a result of this discussion, I am looking to develop a series of calls under the Regulatory 2.0 umbrella which I am borrowing form SNL and calling “Really DeviceTel?” The first one I am looking for my Wall Street Analyst friends to talk about the soundness of the financing this telco strategy. If you want to participate send a note to me .

Don’t misunderstand in terms of networks Apple has one. Like Amazon, Google and Microsoft the network supports the cloud not the call. In fact, I can make the case that these companies have created in their messenger services a better over the top service than the carriers can create. Even Blackberry Messenger could be part of this over the top RTC crowd.

So the story is about the Apps and the developers

Tim Cook, led the Apple WWDC faithful which inspired me to write my Mobility Tech article . Apple’s empire gets built one market at a time and now the sites are set on search. I tweeted “Can Apple Turn 400 Million People against Google”. I watched the faithful clapping appreciatively, I was thinking of the contrary side (It’s my job and my nature). Jeff Pulver started by providing bond analytics as an Add on to Lotus 123, his add on was embedded by Microsoft into Excel pushing him out of the market but standardizing his error codes. Watching Apple showing their embedding of Facebook, Maps and Yelp, I wonder what business plans were being destroyed in the smiling audience.

Everyone wants the developer and with HTML5 we can all be developers.

In trying to think about this, I was reminded of my old math book, which led to my M2M article and my Bob Newhart’s button down mind .

My path the next few weeks has me returning to Washington DC and then to Boca Raton. If you are in these areas let me know.

At one point I am going to be at two places at once. A new precedence for me based on the video world that is changing our future, (and a Firesign Theatre overtone). I am going to participate in IMTC’s 2025 and the SIP Forum’s SIP NOC .

I will try to point out the precedents that will lead to the future and not cry that we are on a precipice.

Linkedin Needs Some Curation Advice

I have just created a new id on Linkedin for the simple reason that Linkedin has not been paying attention to the explosion of groups.  As a conference guy I have an interest in a lot of places.  The linkedin groups are one place that I like to monitor.  But the groups are all over […]

Going to the Bank or Taking a Bath?

I am waiting for the plane and everywhere I turned I saw the iPhone. Everyone has one, kids, parents, and grandparents.

Apple has made the device franca. No wonder Microsoft is treading lightly as it figures out how to compete with the iPhone and iPad. Nokia and Surface are the brands of record and not Microsoft. Not wanting to over promise everyone is staging and trying to find their path. Microsoft takes the surface out of the box to gauge if they will have demand. RIM’s inventory problem which has led to its stock slide shows that marketing needs to step up and guide how the design to match the demand of the future.

The West Coast players of Apple, Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft and Oracle all have the capital to buy a network. However, I still have a hard time believing that a device company should buy a telephone company. But let’s talk it through with our Stock Market friends on August 16th. You can join us for the DeviceTel conversation you can join us  . However, calling Apple the device franca ignores an important aspect. No one is making phone calls on the device.

“What is everyone doing on the device?” Unfortunately Mary Meeker seems to be the only one with a clue  given the recent Bureau of Labor and Statistics use of time analysis .

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, which needs to find a way to associate the Internet with its time use study, after sleep and work our next biggest chunk of time is spent watching TV. I am not sure if this survey has been changed since Lawrence Welk was first taken off the air (as opposed to being on PBS in rerun).
So let’s do our own study and let’s get a better picture of what we do .
And let’s look beyond the device and to the life style. I tweeted that I feel like we need to update Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance  .

Perhaps you will join us tomorrow at IMTC’s 2025 .

From an operations standpoint we have SIPNOC going on this week.  If the device folks want to be a telco should join us in Virginia.

Apple Tel

Nothing frustrates me more than the Internet Toaster discussion. While it is true that the Internet has done some amazing technology changes for us, the reality is that outside plant still requires truck rolls and people.

So when someone says that Apple is going to buy a carrier, I have to question if they were in the same business as I was.

Now to their credit these Apple Tel advocates are looking at the financials and making the market cap analysis that does normal M&A.

However, if you look at the balance sheet you discover that the subsidies to the consumer which is killing the carriers would go away.

Additionally this would add to the regulatory nightmare that Apple would have to navigate. And finally and most importantly their sights are set on China and not on the US so why buy a carrier that only serves a smaller percentage of the market.

Still not convinced? Neither are some friends. So join us for the discussion. August 16th.