Dennis Jenkins

We are a Panasonic dealer in Southern California reselling LegacySIP’s services to our customers with both digital and analog Panasonic PBXs. We service large and small business customers as well as (Hollywood types) that have 15-30 phones in their residences with both business and home lines coming into their properties. No matter how many lines any of our customers has needed, large or small LegacySIP has always had ample resources to quickly accommodate any of their needs.

One major benefit to LegacySIP services is their cost. They have always been less expensive than the utility companies or the cable companies. Phone bills are sometimes very hard to decipher (maybe intentionally) so if you look at your bill’s bottom line and can extract the number of minutes you really used, that will give you a comparative. We have been using them for some time now on our own PBX and have yet to have any service interruption. Our customers on their service have also had uninterrupted service.

LegacySIP has repeatedly proven that they can support a set up procedure or ancillary hardware setup/modifications if necessary.

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