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The Benefits of Migrating to SIP

Solution The Benefits of Migrating to SIP
Integration with SIP Trunks enables multi-domain communication including
Branch Offices and Remote Workers
Hosted service Companies
IT Applications Server tools like BEA and Adobe
Enterprise Peering
IP cost benefits extend to WAN services
Improved deployment distribution and scale.
More services via utility model including VoWiFi, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing and Collaboration, Application specific services.
Alternative Premise Equipment
Enable more on net traffic by using SIP Trunking technology to tie the PBX with other locations and facilities.
As TDM replacement for public network interconnect, substantial and immediate cost reductions:
Toll-Reduction / Toll-Bypass
Reduction of IP-TDM gateway resource requirements
Trunk consolidation at main, reduction in branch
Minimal hardware and cost impact
Get rid of premises gateway
Converged access to IP PBX end users
Heterogeneous PBX infrastructure
DIDs for small businesses
IP routing increases voice quality
Network-based enhanced features
New service for IP PBX users
Better features from IP and SIP
Lower complexity vs. TDM interconnect
Better offer for end customers
Why End Users Are Buying?
Convergence savings
Less expensive than buying voice & data separately
Continue using existing PBX and KTS phones
Simplified management
Easier to implement & maintain than legacy solutions
Dynamic bandwidth management eliminates need to dedicate separate lines for voice & data
Web-based account management tools for move/add/change
Single service provider and consolidated monthly bill
Enhanced services
Value of VoIP without large capital outlay
Support for both next generation VoIP and legacy networks – at the same time.
Deploy with minimal disruption to the existing network.
Supports reliability/survivability.
Single site medium to large enterprises - CPE to NSP SIP Trunking
Small business and SOHO - CPE to NSP SIP Trunking
Multiple site enterprises of any size - CPE to CPE SIP Trunking
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