We love resellers and work hard to support them.

We don’t sell any hardware. We absolutely will not compete with you.

  • Our goal is to give our resellers a competitive advantage in the marketplace to meet and exceed your quota.
  • We help you get more appointments, meetings and close sales.
  • Our pricing will make your customers and prospects return on investment is so obvious that you will win more business.
  • We work with you before the sale to make sure that everything is properly provisioned.
  • Our SIP and VoIP expertise lets us to help you develop the VoIP solutions that meet your customers needs.

Do you sell SIP trunks from companies like OnSIP, Jive, BroadVox and many others?  Terrific.

Have you hit walls selling VoIP to price sensitive customers or customers with old analogue PBXs happy with what they have?  These customers didn’t find VoIP pricing a big enough difference to warrant buying hardware in order to move to VoIP did they?

This is where we come in.

Our unique pricing can help you upsell/cross sell these same customers new and add-on hardware and services.  We are often 70% less that other VoIP providers, which is a no brainer.  Your customers return on investment will be obvious and compelling enough to make a move.  Don’t worry, we’ve been around for 7 years, our service and quality is outstanding!

Our resellers are selling other more expensive SIP trunks whenever they can, but they also sell our VoIP minutes and are signing up 2 – 3 additional customers to our services per month.

Newest solutions:

Last quarter we began offering nomadic hosted extensions connected to premises based PBXs without needing a VPN and Hosted PBX services.  Again, our hosted prices cannot be beat!