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We provide free SIP Trunks For VoIP communications.

Legacy PBX users – enjoy all of the benefits of SIP!  Our services are available for legacy PBXs, whether analog or PRI. In these cases we provide preconfigured gateways to convert your legacy PBXs to being SIP able.

Additionally, we provide VoIP services for SIP able, IP PBXs, and cloud hosted PBXs.

If you want to move to SIP we can help you.  We will work with you and help you manage the transition.  We are competent in all facets of moving you to using your Internet connection to pass your voice traffic.

We manufacture our own SIP trunking gateway for PRI connections.  We utilize high-quality analog gateways for PBXs that require analog connections. See our SIP for Small – Medium Enterprise PBXs page for more details about this process.

All of the SIP Gateways we use function similarly to our own SIP Gateway as described below.

Our SIP trunking gateway, the LegacySIP Ascend 24 (LSA24) sits in front of your PBX, between your PBX T1 port and the Internet.

As soon as you power up the LSA24 it automatically configures itself and immediately allows you to make and receive VoIP phone calls using our low-cost SIP trunk service.

The LSA24 allows users to seamlessly use SIP trunks to make and receive VoIP phone calls over the Internet.

Seamless T1 and PRI to SIP conversion —  Seamless SIP to T1 and PRI conversion

Click here for a LSA SIP T1 Gateway Overview

Add Remote workers:

The LSA24 supports a minimum of 50 softphones and hard phones with ATAs (SIP VoIP device users)

Your remote workers can use a SoftPhone on their PC or a regular phone with an ATA to connect to your LSA24. These phones can be configured as regular extensions off of your PBX.

No more having to buy proprietary phones for your PBX!

When you need to add or replace a phone you can use a SIP phone instead. These SIP phones will plug into your Internet network connection instead of to your PBX.

This feature allows you to purchase SIP phones instead of expensive proprietary phones.

There are numerous reasons for you to move to an ipPBX as your legacy PBX matures. This could be once your PBX is fully appreciated, when you reach end-of-life for your PBX, or when the benefits of a pure SIP environment overwhelmingly necessitate the move for competitive reasons.

The LSA24 can easily be reconfigured to be this ipPBX when ever you are ready!

What’s next?

Connect your LegacySIP PRI Gateway to our Cloud Hosted PBXs for seamless Unified Communications, conferencing, and other features your current PBX does not support.

We love this stuff!


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