Company History

Unlike most SIP & VoIP solution providers we have been in the telephone business since 1991, years before the Internet.

We began using the Internet when you could only connect to it through Universities.

  • We founded the first ISP ( Internet service provider) in the United States.  We began by offering Web Site hosting services for South American and European companies where the costs of connecting reliably to the Internet were very expensive.
  • Using our ISP services we were the first in developing an international callback solution that use the Internet as an integral part of the service.
  • We created the infrastructure and set up numerous companies offering International call back services in Europe and South America.
  • We managed the largest IVR installation roll-out in US history, building and installing over 4,500 individual IVR units throughout the United States in a little under a 2 year time frame.

We completely embraced VoIP in 1996 and created several companies promoting various facets of VoIP and SIP capabilities, including integrating eClassrooms into Blackboard and WebEx type competitors.

  • We developed the first carrier class Softswitch
  • Our vision and input help create Vonage
  • We educated thousands of folks about the virtues of using VoIP from the very beginning with conferences and Expos.
  • We’ve been on the cutting edge, actually the bleeding edge of VoIP and SIP since the beginning.

We realized several years ago that there was a gap in the marketplace related to businesses with legacy PBXs, SIP and we set out to address this.  Once we created our SIP based carrier class infrastructure we developed our own Gateway to connect Legacy PBXs using PRIs to our SIP infrastructure, providing them with cost-effective VoIP dial tone.

Now, with this first phase accomplished we have opened our services to connecting all types of PBXs to our network, including legacy PBXs using analog lines (POTS), on-site IP PBXs that are already SIP able and cloud hosted PBXs.

Our carrier aggregate network allows us to offer highly competitive SIP Trunk pricing.  So much so that we no longer charge for SIP Trunks.  We offer unlimited / unrestricted SIP Trunk call capacity with our minutes packages.